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A Libingan ng mga Bayani Burial: Is Slyness a Marcos Family Trait?

A possible burial site for Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Photo: c/o Bawat Bato and Interaksyon

he Philippines' octogenarian ex-president, Fidel V. Ramos seems to have spilled the beans on whether another former president/dictator, Ferdinand Marcos should be allowed to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (heroes cemetery) in Fort Bonifacio.

Ramos recalled that he was president in 1992 when members of the Marcos family negotiated with the Philippine government to allow the remains of the late dictator, who had passed away in September, 1989, to be flown back to the Philippines for burial. Ramos further noted that with the abuses of Martial Law still fresh in the minds of Filipinos at the time, his government agreed to the repatriation of the Marcos remains as long as the Marcos clan agreed to four binding conditions: First—that the dictator's remains be flown straight from Hawaii to his hometown of Paoay, Ilocos Norte; Second—that Marcos be allowed military honors befitting a soldier with a rank of Major, which was the highest rank he had officially attained; Third—that the Marcos remains not be paraded in Metro Manila; And fourth, that Marcos be buried in Ilocos Norte.

According to Ramos, "those were the conditions we signed ... I think the agreement is still in the archives of Malacañang. So if you wish to get a copy of the agreement that was signed between me and Former Congressman Roquito Ablan Jr., please go ahead and secure a copy from Malacañang, " he added.

If that is indeed the case, aren't the Marcos heirs obligated to keep their side of the bargain? It is almost inconceivable that the Marcoses were unaware of this agreement. After all, it was because of it that the Marcos remains were allowed to be repatriated in 1992. The fact that it was not made public has given the Marcoses an opening to pull a fast one over the Filipino people and get their infamous patriarch buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

The agreement between the government and the Marcos family, signed by Ramos and Ablan twenty-four years ago is still legally binding today.

Detractors of the late strongman however, point to his penchant for bending the rules, and stretching the truth whenever it would be to his benefit. Now it appears that the other members of the Marcos clan are just as wily and duplicitous. Despite a signed agreement that forbids it, the clan has been pushing for a Marcos burial in the hallowed grounds of the Libingan cemetery.

Now, it should just be a simple matter for Malacañang staff  members to unearth that 1992 agreement and put an end to the Marcos clan's plan.  But let's not forget, this is the Philippines, where documents—even people—can magically vanish into this air. Marcos spokespeople might say that the agreement exists only in the mind of an 88-year-old ex-president who might be in the early stages of senility. Then, Marcos spinmeisters will come crawling out of the woodwork to completely obfuscate the truth so that "Juan dela Cruz" would be unable to even tell which side is up, and which side is down. Welcome to the country the Marcoses continue to destroy. Published 8/16/2016

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Shoot to Kill Directive of President Duterte Violates Fundamental Right to Life

Philippine President Duterte’s promise on 5 August 2016 to maintain a “shoot to kill” order in his crackdown on crime is a clear violation of the fundamental human right to life and could lead to further killings in the country. In a further statement, two days later, President Duterte claimed that policemen or soldiers would not be held accountable for conducting such so-called ‘duties.’ This is a deeply alarming call ... Published 8/12/2016

Is China Using Cyber Attacks to Sabotage the Philippines?

On July 12, 2016, shortly after the arbitral tribunal ruled in favor of the Philippines, internet access for many Filipinos was inexplicably lost. And for several days thereafter, once stable online access fluctuated on and off to the consternation of thousands of Pinoy internet users who found it difficult to go online. Coincidence? Maybe, but the timing seemed highly unusual ... Published 8/9/2016

The Philippine Government Should Start Levying a Tax on Diesel Fuel

A few days ago, the Philippine Department of Energy (DOE)said that it would soon conduct a study that would look into the imposition of additional excise taxes on fuel and how that would impact the country's consumers ... Published 7/31/2016

Initial Reactions to President Rodrigo Duterte's First State of the Nation Address

President Rodrigo Duterte's first State of the Nation Address (SONA) was a chance for Filipinos to size-up their newly elected president, to listen to what he had to say, then determine for themselves what the next six years will probably be like ... Published 7/25/2016

President Duterte, Do Not Make Any Bilateral Agreements With China At This Time

The problem with us Filipinos is we seem to take every opportunity—to miss an opportunity! Case in point: the recent ruling by the arbitral court in the Hague where the judges hearing the case unanimously ruled in favor of the Philippines. It has been only a week since the decision was handed down yet it seems every Pinoy and his brother is itching for some kind of bilateral agreement with China ... Published 7/19/2016

China Loses! UN Tribunal Rules in Favor of Philippines

Now that China has been dealt a black eye by the arbitral tribunal in the Hague, what will the Philippines do? Like it or not, the Philippines is now front-and-center on this global issue. This case has been closely followed by countries big and small, powerful and weak as this UN tribunal's landmark ruling will guide the actions of countries for decades—maybe even centuries—to come ... Published 7/12/2016

The Killing of Cops in Dallas Tell Us That American Law Enforcement Must Change

The seemingly unjustified killings by American police officers of minority males—one in Minnesota and another in Louisiana, this past week—was the main reason a gunman shot and killed five police officers and wounded six others yesterday in downtown Dallas ... Published 7/9/2016

Metro Manila Traffic Will Destroy the Philippines and Every Filipino Shares the Blame

Metro Manila, once the premier city in all of Southeast Asia is now a "Hell-on-Earth" for the 12 million ill-fated souls forced to live in it. The rapid movement of people and goods that epitomize a prosperous, dynamic city is gone. The country's National Capital Region (NCR) is dying and when it dies, it will take the entire country with it ... Published 7/5/2016

Proud Filipinos Celebrate a Peaceful Transition of Power

Filipinos everywhere need to take a bow. Not many countries in Asia—or the world for that matter—can do what we just did: elect a new leader chosen by the people. Thanks to the United States of America, despite its shortcomings during and after our Commonwealth period, Americans instilled in Filipinos the principles of democracy that have endured and continue to grow stronger over the years ... Published 6/30/2016

Anti-establishment Votes: Brexit and the 2016 Philippine Elections

We often hear that there is wisdom in election results. After an election, we say the people have spoken. And the majority of voters are usually right—but not always. On occasion, voters make the wrong choice; even in a country with a long democratic tradition like Great Britain. The country that gave the world the Magna Carta, parliaments, and revered academic institutions like Oxford and Cambridge, seems to have stumbled this week when the majority of its citizens voted to leave the European Union ... Published 6/26/2016

With Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippines Got the President It Deserves

Like it or not the Philippines will have a new president by the end of the month. As French philosopher, writer and lawyer Joseph de Maistre so aptly put it over 200 years ago "In a democracy people get the leaders they deserve." So thus Filipinos will soon get a taste of what it will be like to live under a Rodrigo Duterte presidency ... Published 6/21/2016

The Orlando Massacre Clearly Highlights America's Distorted Values Towards Guns

At this point, it has clearly become an annoyance to watch the news and see Americans contort themselves into a pretzel in anguish over the latest mass killing in the United States. The anguish is genuine—there is no doubt about that, but the gun-related rampages happen so frequently ... Published 6/16/2016

It's What Happens After the Hague Tribunal Says the Philippines Won Versus China, That Matters

In a few weeks the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague will render its decision on the case the Philippines brought against China. In all likelihood the tribunal will rule in favor of the Philippines. For starters this will reinforce the country's claim that Scarborough Shoal (Panatag Shoal), which lies 220 km (137 mi) west of Palauig, Zambales, is well within the Philippines' Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) ... Published 6/7/2016

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PCO launches new, high-security passport
MANILA, Aug. 16 - Every Filipino who wishes to go overseas and applies for a passport will receive the “all new high-security passport” beginning tomorrow, August 15. The new passports will feature impressive design promoting the regions of our country.

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One-stop service center for OFWs opens today, August 15
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Department of Public Works and Highways Secretary Mark Villar is confident that the traffic situation at the domestic and international airport complex in Pasay City will change with the opening of phase 2 of the NAIA Expressway Project, which connects Macapagal Blvd. to NAIA Terminals 1 and 2.

Cebu provincial jail stops accepting inmates
The Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, home of the popular dancing inmates, stopped accepting inmates on Monday because of overcrowding. CPDRC warden Romeo Manansala said the facility, built for 1,600 inmates, currently hosts 3,008, packed 30 to 40 in cells meant to hold only 12 to 18.

Philippines olympic trackster Eric Cray advances to semis
RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 16 (PNA) -- Eric Cray of the Philippines took the first step toward a crack at a medal when he qualified for the semis of the men’s 400m hurdles in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Cray, born in Olongapo City but now living in Texas, finished third in heat No. 4 with a time of 49.05 seconds ...

5.3 magnitude earthquake jolts Antique
The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology reported Antique was hit by a 5.3 magnitude earthquake Monday evening. According to an advisory from the government office Monday, the earthquake had a depth of 18 kilometers and was located 10.94°N, 122.15°E - 07 km S 18° E of Valderrama, Antique.

American to be deported to face child sex abuse raps in US
MANILA, Philippines -- A 57-year-old American fugitive captured by the Bureau of Immigration in Davao City on August 8 will be deported soon to face charges for alleged sexual assault on a child in Texas. Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente said Tuesday they have informed US federal authorities ...

Alert still up as 'habagat' pummels Central Luzon
CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, Pampanga, Aug. 16 (PNA) -- The Regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (RDRRMC) on Tuesday remained on alert as moderate to heavy rains spawned by southwest monsoon and low pressure area continue to batter most parts of Central Luzon.

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