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Vietnam sentences two Filipino drug smugglers to death
A Filipino man and woman have been sentenced to death in Vietnam for smuggling nearly five kilograms (11 pounds) of cocaine into ...
Mar: PNoy listens to bosses, no need for interpreter
The Liberal Party (LP) leadership says political gimmicks are not their cup of tea. Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas ...
Good governance to attract US investors: US ambassador
United States Ambassador Philip Goldberg said improved governance and the rule of law are among the most important reforms that should ...
DAP debacle, ports congestion drag down business confidence to 3-year
Business confidence slumped to a three-year low against the backdrop of a truck ban, the resulting congestion ...
Arroyo files demurrer to evidence in plunder case
Former President Gloria Arroyo has filed a demurrer to evidence, which could result in an acquittal in her plunder case before the Sandiganbayan over ...
Seamen sent home $5.5B in remittances this year
The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) on Friday said it expects Filipino sailors aboard foreign merchant ships to send home via bank ...
DOJ issues lookout bulletin order vs Enzo Pastor's wife
The Department of Justice (DOJ) has issued a lookout bulletin order against the widow of racing champ Ferdinand "Enzo" Pastor. In a memorandum, DOJ ...
Enrile wants new book published only after death
Katrina Ponce-Enrile was just one of the recognizable faces and names at a star-studded clinic opening Thursday afternoon. She openly spoke ...

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Napoles Prays 2,000 Rosaries a Day, So Does She Get a Free Pass to Heaven?

fter leaving herJanet Napoles shows-off her "special" rosary August 15th bail hearing at the Sandiganbayan, Janet Lim Napoles showed the media the marble rosary she personally received from recently canonized Saint Pope John Paul II. Her lawyer Stephen David later disclosed to media that Napoles prays 2,000 rosaries a day. Given that a day has only 24 hours or 1,440 minutes, Napoles would have to complete an entire rosary in less than a minute praying non-stop for an entire day…every day. Atty. David also pointed out that Napoles paid for the schooling of at least 200 priests and helped construct many Catholic churches.

Does this mean that God will forgive or at the very least shorten Napoles’ stay in Purgatory? So that, in spite of the billions of pesos she stole from the government—billions that should have gone to marginalized segments of Philippine society but instead went to her pockets (and bathtub) and the pockets of her cohorts in crime—in the end Napoles attains redemption and gets to strum a harp with the rest of the angelic choir. Right?

All transgressions are forgivable—just repent and God will forgive you. That is what Catholic teaching has been instilling into the minds of Filipinos for almost 500 years. And they seem to have wholeheartedly bought that line, so much so that today there are many Filipinos who cheat, steal, lie and even kill but believe they will still end up in Heaven. The rich and powerful commit all sorts of nefarious deeds six days a week but attend Mass on Sunday and believe all their misdeeds are washed away. This is how all those corrupt, immoral, unethical and criminal Filipinos are able to live with themselves.

China has got it right

When Pope Francis visited South Korea this August, his plane was allowed to fly over Chinese airspace. In the past, Vatican flights had to skirt Chinese airspace whenever a Pope flew to Asia. The conciliatory gesture by China was not lost on the Pontiff who stated that he very much wanted to visit China as soon as possible. Pope Francis however was quickly though politely rebuffed by Chinese leaders who told him to refrain from interfering in China.

There are approximately 12 million Catholics in China, but the state-run church known as the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association is overseen by Catholic bishops who are appointed by the Chinese government, not the Vatican. Pope Francis did indicate that all he is asking the Chinese government is that the Catholic Church be given the “freedom to do its job” in China. Unfortunately, that is precisely what Beijing is leery of.

Xi Jinping during the closing ceremony of the National People's CongressChinese leaders need only look at their neighbor to the Southeast to see how unbridled church interference can wreck havoc on a country. In the Philippines, Catholic bishops constantly meddle in state affairs: they tell government officials what laws they should or shouldn’t pass; they threaten with excommunication or otherwise intimidate those who speak out against them; they exercise tremendous authority without any corresponding responsibility.

Case in point: despite the United States, the United Nations, and the Philippine government’s efforts to curb the country’s soaring birthrate, the Catholic Church remains steadfast against any and all forms of birth control for Filipinos. And now that the Philippine population has passed the 100 million threshold, Church leaders do not see it as their responsibility to provide for the wherewithal to house, feed, educate, and employ all these additional human beings who are the direct result of their misguided religious policies.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and the rest of China’s politburo realize that this could happen to them and have thus told Pope Francis—however well-intentioned his overtures might be—no thanks, and leave us alone. Published 08/30/2014

Philnews.com reserves the right to select and edit comments for publication.

Comments from Our  Readers
(Topic: Should President Aquino Get a Second Term as President?)

Name: Celso Madarang
City/State/Country: Clovis, california
IP Address:


After reading his recent Sona which by the way, got me teary eyed, I said to myself.., He's got to have another term in office. I haven't read in any newspaper about the president or anybody wanting him to run for a second term but even then I felt that the only way that all the changes he has implemented to really be accomplished is another term. If it takes amending the constitution, then so be it. Amend the darn thing!!!!!

Name: Cesar Arellano
City/State/Country: chicago, illinos
IP Address:


We must make P-noy run for a second term so he can continue the proven success that he made for a short time, beside no one at present has a credible honest and good background mostly with tarnished past. Remember, we have not yet started drilling our rich resources, in Palawan, OMG, what will happen if a crooked President will replace him, that trillion of dollars, even Malampaya's money was even stolen! No if's and but's! we must push him to run for a second term, he is the only President that repeatedly says that we are his boss, so wherever we are let us unite to demand that he should go for the second term for the good of our native land six more years and their will be no more OFW. We will have abundant of work and no more separation from their families and love ones. Thank you.

Name: Jack
City/State/Country: Ranco Cucamonga, Ca
IP Address:


It is pathetic that the anti-PNoy rally in Lipa was headed by the corrupt former Thief Justice who until now cannot explain how he got his $2million deposit which he has voluntarily announced in his hearing. Also another undeserving leader is Bishop Arguelles who was a recipient of Arroyo's illegal SUV distribution program. Pacquiao with all his limitations would be a better choice than these two stooges. Enough of strict adherence to the constitution if it would hinder progress. If we have not even strictly followed the Bible which would have us remain living like the people of the biblical time, so why be limited by an archaic constitution which would abruptly stop our slow but steady progress? Let PNoy stay for 4 more years.

Name: dusty
City/State/Country: dasmarinas
IP Address:


I come from England & the prime minister can run & run & run. Its down to the people. We vote for him. But there are big differences between our countries. We know what the parties stand for. We the voters aren't swayed by a few candies thrown our way & a politician singing to us. We listen to what they say & we hold them accountable.

Name: junpunsa
City/State/Country: Carson
IP Address:


It is very divisive amending the Constitution just to accommodate Noynoy, The President should be aggressive on Senators/Congressmen who are involve in the 10 Billion Pork Barrel scam before 2015, to put on the dot and solidify the legacy on Tuwid na Daan. Opposition or Administration walang pinipili, sa nakalista kay Napoles affidavit na nasangkot. dapat kakasohan na.

Philippine NewsLink reserves the right to select and edit comments for publication.


Should President Aquino Get a Second Term as President?

Many Filipinos today are realizing that the single, six-year presidential term as prescribed in the 1987 Constitution is woefully inadequate for a good president like Benigno S. Aquino III. The delegates who wrote that provision in the Constitution must have still been reeling from the almost 20 years of “kleptocratic” rule of strongman Ferdinand Marcos when they decided that one term was enough for any future Philippine president. Four years—the presidential term at the time—would be too short; eight too long. Published 08/23/2014

China Owns the Entire South China Sea? What are They Smoking—Opium?

The arrogance of China is becoming readily apparent with each passing day. With their newly acquired economic and military power the Chinese appear unrestrained in their assertiveness towards their neighbors. China, instead of positioning itself as a 21st century superpower appears to be turning back the clock resembling more and more the 12th century empire of Genghis Khan and the Mongol hordes who conquered most of Eurasia...just because they could. Published 08/12/2014
On Her 5th Death Anniversary, We Say 'Thanks for Nothing Cory Aquino'

The passage of time has a way of distilling reality and bringing out truths that are sometimes hidden or lost by present circumstances. Case in point is the overwhelming level of admiration many Filipinos have for former President Corazon Aquino. When she passed away in 2009, the entire nation seemed beside itself in grief. Her casket was mobbed by thousands of mourners as it slowly made its way through the streets of Metro Manila to its final resting place at the Manila Memorial Park in Parañaque. Published 08/02/2014
The Failure of Philippine Education Is Now Staring Us in the Face

Will the Philippines Ever Become a Developed Country? The short answer to that is no—at least not in our lifetime. While the country has of late improved it credit ratings as evidenced by upgrades from Moody's, Fitch, and Standard & Poor's all that perceived progress is illusory. In the Fifties and Sixties, when the Philippines was undeniably the country at the top of the heap in Southeast Asia, people said it would always be the most industrialized country in the region. Published 08/02/2014
So, Should Jejomar Binay Be the Next President of the Philippines?

Though his popularity rating has taken some hits lately, Vice President Jejomar Binay is still far and away the strongest contender for the Philippine presidency in 2016. But is he the right choice for the country? His legions of supporters will give you an enthusiastic "yes;" his detractors however, will tell you "no!" So who's right? To answer our question, lets look instead at Binay's deeds rather than the words of his supporters or detractors. Published 07/25/2014
China’s Military Base on Mabini Reef Violates the Philippine Constitution

While searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on March 11, 2014, a Philippine Air Force plane flying over the Kalayaan Island Group in the West Philippine Sea sighted Chinese reclamation activity in the Mabini Reef of the Kalayaan Island Group within the 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the Philippines. His aerial photographs were transmitted to the Philippine government for analysis. Published 07/10/2014
Napoles PDAF/NGO Scandal: What is Ten or Fifteen Billion Pesos Really Worth?

For those who have been following the Janet Lim-Napoles PDAF/NGO* scandal these past months, it is easy to get caught up in all the rhetoric—the words and phrases repeated day after day. Words like "ten billion" or "fifteen billion" have turned into something akin to "gray" background noise.  Words devoid of any real meaning or significance. So let us try to put back some meaning into those trite and often-repeated phrases in order to better understand some of the far-reaching ramifications of Napoles' actions. Published 06/30/2014

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